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5 Ways You Can Benefit From Jewelry

As a total jewelry addict I cant find any reason to not wear jewelry but here are some reasons as to why you should!

Highlights certain features of your body- Wearing jewelry and accessories can bring attention to certain areas on the body. Highlight the areas you want to bring attention to by adding jewelry. For example, if you want to bring attention to you face add some earrings or a necklace on your neck.

Show Off your personality-  First impressions count! Believe it or not jewelry can say a lot about a person or their personality! Whether you are rocking dainty chains or chunky chain links or even some colorful gemstones your jewelry speaks for you!

Adds a pop of color – Regardless if you wear neutral colors as your staple look you can create more interest by adding some jewelry! For example, if you typically wear the color black, whether it be your favorite pair of black joggers or your go-to black dress the contrasting colors between your #ootd and your jewelry makes for a more “put together” look.

Upgrades “casual” style - Have you ever gone running a few errands and ran into people looking a mess!? It happens to all of us! Adding some jewelry to your “lazy Sunday” look takes it from hot mess to casual chic in seconds.

Earrings will always fit -  Your earrings will never let you down! When it comes to sizing, most necklaces, rings, or bracelets don’t always fit the way we may like. It may be they’re too loose or to tight and that’s always a hassle. So, if nothing else always invest in earrings over most other jewelry pieces!