Our Story

The Brand

ClariCielo represents a lifestyle. It’s curated collections offer an array of accessories for both you and your home. The brand embodies all elements that encompass everyday living. It’s virtual shelves are stocked with high quality items that have been ethically sourced, handmade and handpicked from around the world to give customers a seamless online shopping experience. 

Each style is offered in limited quantities, so check back often for your favorites before they're gone!




Our Name

The name ClariCielo is made up of 2 words that encompasses the brand. The first half of the name “Clari '' comes from the word claridad in Spanish, meaning transparency, clarity, and clearness, being exactly what customers can and should always expect from ClariCielo. 

“I want customers to feel confident when shopping with us. If they have questions about our products they should be able to send us a quick DM...or if they need style assistance with our jewelry pieces or even want additional images we encourage them to reach out to us and know we are here to help them find what they are looking for and make their experience with us personal. I want our customers to feel comfortable when shopping.” said business owner Cristina. 

The second word that makes up the brand name being “Cielo” is derived from the word sky in Spanish. 

“Growing up I was always told to “reach for the skies” that “the sky's the limit” and that is something that I firmly believe and want our customers and community to take with them and remember when they add one of our pieces to their home or wear our jewelry. If you want something...go get it! It's yours! If you want to change something, work towards your goal. Doubting yourself will always cost you your dreams.” said shop owner Cristina . 

The brand was created to fit your lifestyle. Whether you are shopping for yourself, a gift, or looking for something new to brighten your space, all the things that encompass day to day living. 

About Our Products 

The Latina owned business highlights ethically sourced high quality materials and unique designs. All of the jewelry, unless stated otherwise in their product description, is made up of gold-filled. A material which is durable, tarnish resistant and free of nickel and lead making it great for all skin types including sensitive skin. 

The crystals and stones have been collected from vendors all over the world. ClariCielo supports other small businesses and works alongside them to source and create their designs. 



Background Info 

Since 2019 Shop Clari Cielo was formerly recognized as Shop Mixma across all social platforms. 

When the brand first launched it was solely selling jewelry. The main mission was to sell products made up of quality materials without breaking the bank. 

Not only was sourcing quality materials a priority it was also meant to cater to each customers' personalities and styles. 

“All of our pieces were designed to be unique and one of a kind. Keeping each of our customers' individuality in mind, we were constantly designing different styles on a weekly basis. Each style was offered in limited quantities ensuring each piece was special and unique…”Our styles wouldn't have been unique if everyone was walking around in the same pieces” said business owner Cristina.

 “Our focus wasn't mass producing it was about creating pieces of superior quality and capturing our customers' personalities and styles, and it still is.” she added.