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Match Cloche

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When it's time to light a candle and you cant find your matches... we've all been there. Our match cloches are perfect for all of our candle lovers out's a perfect MATCH! 

These mini cork jars hold 40 wooden colorful matches varying in color. Our cloche has a cork base making it easy to open. 

Not only do these matches make a suitable gift they also add to any decor. Placing this jar full of color near your favorite candle ensures you'll always have match to light it with, while adding a pop of color. 


Product Detail: 

- 2.55" wooden matches

- Cloche Height: 3" 

Each Match Cloche includes a set of 3 match striker stickers for you to place to your liking. 



Always strike your match away from cork lid. Keep out of the reach of children. Always make sure to fully blow out your match before disposing of it.