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Trinkets Beaded Pearl Necklace

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A little bit of everything never hurt anyone, especially when there's pearls in the mix! 

Our Trinkets Beaded Pearl Necklace is made with natural pearls, and a series of mixed beads. This necklace is perfect for layering with some chains, a couple pendant necklaces or rocked as your statement piece. 

Necklace Length

- 16 Inches 

- Lobster Clasp Closure 


Necklace Details

- Natural Pearls 

- Roundel Gemstone Beads 

- Millefiori Beads 

- Faceted Beads 

- Heishi Chips 

- 18k Gold Filled 

- Multicolored Pearls 


Our Trinkets Beaded Pearl Necklace is made to be fun and unique and so each piece varies slightly in color.